What is PEAK?

PEAK is a weeklong training adventure for Scouts run over Easter week in Gartan Outdoor Education Centre in Donegal. For any scout over the age of 14 with hiking experience who wishes to be challenged this is a unique opportunity. It is an intense roller coaster of a week; from Good Friday to the following Friday, participants are immersed in a week of challenge and adventure. The climax of the week is an overnight expedition in the heart of the Reeks, which every other aspect of the week has been preparing them for: team building, leadership, navigation, orienteering, initiative exercises, route planning, mountain skills …

Teamwork, self reliance, problem solving, a spectacular setting facilitated by experienced and enthused staff all contribute to a unique personal development experience. PEAK veterans have more than just a deserved reputation; they are, the ones who take the initiative, the ones willing to take the lead, willing to share their skills with others. But most of all they’re not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. They know what its like to be in the dirt and to have to recover!

So that all interests you and you want to get prepared?